Monday, May 20, 2013

Happenings in May

I can't believe that May has nearly come and gone and ALSO that another school year has nearly come and gone.

Many great things happening for the Dow Ward household in May 2013. Some to share in about a week, some news that has already been celebrated, some that will be celebrated in the first of June and more.

To share as of now...
My Mother's book is being published this summer. That is exciting news at our house. You can see her book HERE.  We look forward to celebrating with her when they come for a Memphis visit in early June.

I graduated from Union University on Saturday, May18th. It was a lovely service and was outdoors. I was afraid the whole time it was going to start pouring down...alas it didn't. The breeze was lovely, it was, as my father in law says, "rather civilized".

We are 99.9% sure we will have an international student living with us next year. She will be a junior at St. Mary's Episcopal School where I've been teaching for the past 3 years. She is from Thailand and we are so excited to have her. Her name is Tongta and as it turns out Tongta roughly translates to "pretty" in Thai. And that she is.

As per the other 2 items of news...I'll give you a shout out in about a week..or so!
(NO case you were wondering.)

Wondering what graduation looked like? Click on my Instagram feed on the top right of my blog!

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