Wednesday, October 23, 2013

#dwh2 : The Lady Room Part One

When searching for the #dwh2 one one of the things on my list was a "lady room". Or as I've heard others call it a "sitting room". I think my term is more fun. So as we shall call it, the lady room.
I was really happy when we found the our house because it had the ultimate set up for said lady room. I haven't shared very many photos of this space because it wasn't to see. I just knew it had potential.
The room's walls were painted two shades of pink stripes. Which was really cool. But I've passed the phase where I want a pink room.  Had this come along about 8 years ago, I'd have been a happy camper. Alas, 8 years late. Also...a major NO for us....carpet. I was revealed that the under coating was raw concrete. Naturally, and realtor line is going to sound something like, "oh you can just replace it with hardwood." Well that ol' hardwood isn't in the cards right now. But perhaps sometime in the future. Should hardwood be installed it would have to be in several rooms not just this one and we'd have to replace the existing hardwood that's outside of this room.  Matching is not an option, it's really weird scrapped kind of red hardwood. (?? I know) Now back to this room....

Here it is about 2 weeks after we moved in. 

When we moved in I put all of my frames on this wall because I wanted them off the floor. 
I also wanted to see what it looked like.  As it turns out it was entirely overwhelming and something I didn't want to stay for longer than possible. Knowing that the room would get painted eventually I thought it was a harmless risk.

These photos were taken just before I started hauling 
everything out of the room to take the carpet up. 

The window to the right was covered. It had a really nice pair of white and pink silk drapes that would, again, have been great a few years ago but at this point not my cup of tea. The quality is so nice though, I hope we can use them in another space at some point. There was also a big cornice board that extended from the top of the wall to just past the top of the window. It was brown silk with pink flowers and had scalloped edges.  I really did try to figure out how to keep this as it is a nice piece. But again...same story 8 years go...SO it all came down.

And then I reached the magical point where I couldn't take it any longer.
And this happened. Which then meant that we had to go on and take all of it out. 
(I may or may not have done a little happy dance.)

Believe it or not taking the carpet up was the easy part. 
It was practically just laying there as though it was a rug on the floor. 
The padding likewise came up quite easily. 

Stay tuned for more on this room make over. of today it looks completely different.

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