Thursday, September 26, 2013

#dwh2 kitchen dreams

Over at #dwh2 we are making plans.  Checking things off the list...a little at a time. But mostly we are just making plans, changing them, re thinking them, changing them back...a couple weeks go by, we re think, then change them again...repeat, etc. So basically, we are making plans.

All of our plans for the next year-eighteen months will include paint and various stages of painting type projects. In about two years the construction portion may being...maybe. At this rate we are doing so much of the list/change list type of thing we may not be ready in two years.

I shared a couple of photos of the kitchen when we first moved in.  These first photos are from the listing. I don't think these rooms have been this tidy since before we moved in...just keeping it real.

So without another is the kitchen in our 1960 mid-century ranch-aganza.

The stove is kind of an oddity.  The range is 46 (oh shoot maybe it is 47") wide.  Guess how many ranges I can find that are that size. The list is small and the options are REALLY expensive. Lovely.
So that's on the list of considerations when there is a whole kitchen overhaul. Also, the double ovens are a weird size. I figured out that I like this configuration, the sizes in the overhaul will just have to be different...(sigh). Also, there is the whole part where we switch to a gas stove. Apparently that won't be a big deal given the stove location. That part is a relief.

If you look in the photo above, you will notice (well a lot of things) that the two bottom cabinets to the left of the double ovens have wheels on them.  We didn't notice this until we moved in. Those cabinets are faux and they actually pull all the way out leaving the counter as an optional bar space AND/OR leaving you with two serving carts. The tops are pretty and there are two shelves on the inside of each unit.  Neat-o!

Now, let's talk about the green floor. Most of the floors in our house are terrazzo. In the kitchen we have green laminate. We are 98.3% sure that it is concrete under the linoleum, not terrazzo. I'd love to pull up the laminate and live with whatever is under there. Imagine sealed or stained concrete! Yay.

Below is another view of the kitchen.

The green floor continues into the butler's pantry but is not in the walk in bar or the dining room.
So that's another space to remove both the wallpaper and the leolium. Oh by the way have I talked about the wallpaper yet? Yes, there is wallpaper everywhere. I mentioned in my last post that we removed paper in our bathrooms. The kitchen has not received said treatment yet. It is yet to be touched. Yet again, an example of the evolving/changing list. 

This is the laundry room. It is off the kitchen.  To the left in this photo is a full bathroom. As you can see. The green linoleum continues into this space.  To the right you can see the concrete floor. I'd love to stain and seal it. That might be fun/neat/an option.

Because we are not ready to "gut" the kitchen we need to work with the cabinets we have, which are very lovely by the way. They are custom made and are in really good shape. As of about 2 hours ago, my list for the kitchen included remove wallpaper and linoleum and paint the walls white. I also had a big question mark next to paint the cabinets white. After seeing this photo, with practically the same cabinets, I am temporarily scratching off the painted cabinets for now. This is a nice option including all of the mentioned elements.

Now then...perhaps this is an option or perhaps by this time tomorrow I will have another plan in place.  This is the problem for me...#firstworldproblem I know.

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