Sunday, August 14, 2011

The necklace of my dreams.

I have been crazy mad over the Loop de loop Kate Spade necklace.  It's been on sale all summer, and has been available on and off through the web page. Every time I've been ready to buy disappears.  This past week, it appeared again. And guess what...I'm not in the position to buy it.  What's that saying, huh? 

photo: Kate Spade

photo: by me at the Kate Spade 5th Ave. Store

photo: Kate Spade

The 3rd photo showed up today while I was reading another blog. 
Perhaps another reminder of how much I love the necklace. 
Yes, I  know this is a specifically selected Kate Spade model, 
but look how great this necklace looks with a white t-shirt! 

AHHHHHH=Serenity now!


  1. I love that one, too, but trying so hard to reign in the on-line shopping...

  2. The white Kate Spade necklace is to die for. Think we could wear that into fall? LOVE!


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