Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Book Club

Sunday night was the beginning of a fabulous new book club. When aren't books or clubs fabulous? Never. Since moving to Memphis it has been difficult to find a group of gal pals to be friends with. Upon evaluation, most of our friends in Memphis are either above 65 or below 13.  I felt like it was time, after 5 years in town, to grow a group of friends.  So...I invited 8 young women that I know through various arenas and that are in my approximate age group (22-32) to come. I don't know any of them very well, nor did they know one another.  It was a chance to bring various opinions and perspectives to the table. On Sunday night 6 of us gathered and discussed what a scallywag Ernest Hemingway was. I don't believe there is really any ever debate over this factoid. The premier book- The Paris Wife, A New York Times Bestseller about the life of Hadley Hemingway. A must read. Within our group we have a banker, a teacher, a speech therapist, a realtor, an artist/interior designer, a social worker, ME (whatever, I am), and a university senior. Many opinions, many perspectives, many big voices came to the table. 

And on the table was...

My Kate Spade wedding china. 

I haven't used my wedding dishes for quite some time. 

It was fun to have a reason to get them out.

A touch of Kate Spade and Jonathan Adler
Not French, but definitely stylish. 

Just before the gals arrived, I had a quite moment to sit down and have a sip of wine. 
I was so very, very excited. 

Dinner Menu: 

Mesculine green salad with cherry tomatoes, champagne dressing
Mushroom and shrimp risotto (Balthazar NYC recipe)
French tea cakes for dessert

Within our group we have an upcoming wedding and in the spring will have a baby amongst us. 
Many things to plan with and around, but our next selected book is "The Help". We do live in Memphis for Pete's sake. Jackson is just down the road. 

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