Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day On Line Shopping

Any lady who is up on shopping knows that Memorial Day is a hotbed for deals and steals.  Since the increased access to the internet, the shopping opportunities have completely blow up!  What's better than sitting in your "home clothes" sipping on a beer/glass on wine, eating a Nathan's Hot Dog and internet shopping? It's great I tell you, just great.

Earlier this weekend I mentioned that I was rug shopping and showed this rug as a potential option:

Then yesterday I was on my way home from church and found a yellow rug that hit the spot, both in need and for the pocket book.  I still had a big interest in the black and white stripe...I just couldn't figure out how it would play in to the weekend.  Another miracle struck.  I found this cute little ditty.

Now usually, folks are doing this the other way around.  They're taking pieces of clothes and then turning it into a room design.  Ha! Apparently I'm living in reverse day because I took the design piece and now am going to turn it into an outfit.  Behold, JC Penny has come to the rescue.  This is mildly humorous because I don't think I've ever purchased anything from a JC Penny.  How is it that I've made it through 28 years of American life without?

As per the on line receipt, in 7-10 business days my skirt will be in my hands and hopefully it will fit my desire as well as my waistline.

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