Sunday, May 29, 2011

Citrus obsession

Yesterday I blogged about my newly acquired RUG DESIRE, and guess on the way home from church my desire was filled! (I think).   This was the opposite of a missed opportunity, it was more of a bird nest on the ground.  I pulled the car over quicker when I saw this big bolt of yellow on the ground than if I was being flagged for speeding my a police officer.  A few quick minutes later I was rolling away with our new yellow wool colored rug!

After I dismantle the growing pile of laundry from the north end of our master bedroom, I plan to roll this puppy out to blend with our blue/gray walls and crisp white bedding.

Now for "additional additionals", as my father and I say.  I have a new lamp and shade to sit in our living room.  I will chalk this one up as an occupational hazard.  Something I (along with my poor husband) fear will be somewhat regular what with the new j-o-b.

And yes, the lamp shade does still have plastic on it.  I was testing the waters before I gave it the two thumbs up approval.  The orange (yet another citrus shade in the house) lamp shade plastic has now been removed and this big fella' sits plastic free on the console table in our living room.

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