Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Graduate

By now this is old news, but still newsworthy in the story of my life...
you know...the one that is Mrs. Dow-Ward's Neighborhood.
On May 14th I graduated from Seminary.  Yahoo.  "Amen." 

Me at Memphis Theological Seminary...With my Clyde

My Mother and I after graduation, they actually gave us our diplomas the day of the graduation!
I just got my diploma from my undergrad about 2 months ago.  5 years big deal. 

My Mom and Pop after graduation downtown at the Peabody where we had celebratory drinks with the ducks. 

Graduation flowers in a Kate Spade vase Geoff gave me the first Valentine's day in Memphis.

Graduation flowers with my new Jonathan Adler table runner

The naked table

These flowers were so pretty, hot pink peonies, red daisy, red tulips

Mrs. Dow-Ward with newly acquired Memphis Theological Seminary diploma. 

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