Thursday, May 19, 2011

blue suede...sofa

Okay so not so much suede, but more velvet. 
Blue Suede Shoes, Velvet Elvis, whatever. 
Back in December, in fact right before Christmas Eve, this little dandy was delivered to our living room via a nice fellow from Craigslist.   I have considered recovering it for months, had always planned on purchasing a queen anne for "cheap" to re cover.  Then I found this one and thought, "hmmm I don't have to recover that right away because the color is tolerable." And so it is...I am tolerating it. 

Here is my happy Queen Anne, sunning it up in the sun room.  
Fed with yummy pillow and a fur. 

Last week while we were in NYC, I went to both Kate Spade stores (Soho and 5th Ave).  I was after staging and color inspiration understand, right? While in the 5th Ave store (just south of the flatiron building) my memorized self stopped came screeching to a freeze. Behold!  Feast your eyes on this:

She's not a Queen Anne, but she is a well loved (or at least made to looks as such), light blue velvet sofa. Can you believe it?  My content self, just became ever more content!

In other news....

Tuesday night we had a little yard work done.  Our front beds now display 6 boxwoods, 3 per side.
They'll need some trimming once they root, I hope they make it!

As my friend Kathryn said this week...."it's the little things"!  I couldn't agree more!

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  1. Love the blue velvet sofa, it's lovely. Sometimes it's better to live with something for a little bit, before you decide to change it....


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