Thursday, February 3, 2011

X-Stool/Benches Continued.

Last week I decided that I had a crazy itch to pursue the X-Stool/Bench thing a little more.  I looked at the one from Target in the store several times and finally decided that I liked it the most.  So I bought one and brought it home.  One of the things I didn't like about any of the "affordable" options was the covering for the cushion.  I knew that I'd have to recover it with something.  With this particular piece it was an immediate must! As I don't consider pleather to be acceptable...neither does Handsome!

Yesterday afternoon I whipped out the industrial staple gun and went to work on the stool with a piece of white canvas I purchased at the Art Center for $2.75.  Even if it is just a temporary fix, it sure does change the vibe of this stool.  And for now, it has found a home under the living room console. 



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