Monday, February 14, 2011

A few fun things on a Happy Valentine's Day!

First of all, let me begin by saying HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY to all! 

Now, on with other sweet treats....

I could probably  name about 26 things I like about this photo...I saw it last week on Moth Design.
What I would immediately say was #1, on my list is that set of jars on the top shelf.  Very cool, very convenient, and quite practical. In the past weeks Target has had a few options comparable to this for sale in varying sizes, all of which though are smaller. Which defeats the purpose of what I like about them.  

Saturday while on a trip to TJ Maxx I spotted these dandies... 

Quite similar wouldn't you say?  I picked up the set for just under $30 and think they're fabulous. As you can see 2 of the 3 are currently holding our Keurig K-Cups. Jar number 3 remains to be empty. As shown in the inspiration photo above, they appear to be housing a small fortune of pasta, pretzels, and delicious cereal.........(big sigh).........All of which are on the top of the NO-NO list during this med study. While out running the errands on Saturday I contimplated picking up a box of fancy noodles to display in this 3rd jar but decided affirmatively against it due to the absolute visual hazard that they would cause.  Darlings...I'd like to think that 5 months into this study that I'd have some serious restraint...Well I'm not so sure i'm ready to test that as of yet. 

Also at TJ Maxx, although it was the one on Park I found this little number.  I have a "thang" for white and lucite.  I'm convinced that nearly anything looks good in this combo.  Case in point, this coral. If this was...oh say...a coral color and had a brown wood base I wouldn't take the time to pick it up off the shelf. Not even if it was free. Seriously...that would be ugly. This combo sure does give it a different look.  Not to mention it is really HEAVY! This thing would knock your lights out or break your toe if it hit the right spots! Goodness.

Last but not least....
I saw this mini stool at Bo-Jo's on Summer a week ago while visiting with  my friend Melissa.  She was on the hunt for a new piece for their house.  They're getting ready for a baby, YAY! Even though I had my blinders on to look for desk suitable options, I couldn't forget this little dandy. I thought about it at least once for 7 whole days...can you believe it? That justified going back in my mind.  Plus it was only $20.  I have visions of a glossy white base and black croc or something like that on top.  Totally cute. 


  1. Ok, here goes:
    1) Fill that last glass thingy with ALMONDS! You eat those all of the time, and almonds look pretty sassy in a big bunch, or even in little bags.

    2) I remember that little stool! How funny that I recall it. I have a rule about things you constantly think about: they clearly need to be had.

    Good work! :-)

  2. Do you have a Michael's craft store there? They have similar glass jars with lids and you can always use one of their 40% off coupons (they have a 50% off coupon this week!) to make it budget friendly.

    It looks great!



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