Thursday, June 5, 2014

#dwh2 projects as of late.

It is true that my "to do" list for #dwh2 is quite long. That is no lie. It will always be long and part of that is my own willingness to continue to better the place regardless of the state. Okay so that's said. Now back to the list.  I have 2 things cooking this week off that list.

1. curtains for the sliding glass door wall by the hot tub.
There is a particular fabric I would like to get for this project but it will be a while before it gets to the top of the in the meantime I did this.  I had 13 yards of this fabric pictured below in a bolt in one of the closets. I have had it for 2 years. Obviously, I needed to do something with it. Obviously, these windows needed some attention. So 2 + 2 = I pulled it out of said closet laid it down on the floor and started cutting.  My long term plan for these 5 panels is that I will use them as the backing for the fabric I would like to ultimately get.  And in the meantime...I think it looks good!

(and yes I have 1 more fan to spray paint the blades and change the globe on that fan. 
It is around the corner from the other 2 that I did last fall...need to get that done.)

Project 2. Paint the giant gold frame. 
When we moved to #dwh2 I propped this frame up in the entryway. Left it there...didn't know where else to put it.  Then I offered the commentary on whether or not I should paint this giant thing.  Some said yes and some said no. A few weeks later I put it away in yet another closet and it has been there for approximately 7 months. So...that means it is time to paint it.  If it is in the closet not being used, that means something needs to be done so that it will be used, you know quality item and all...
Enter a lovely Saturday afternoon, my plywood boards, and several cans of spray paint. 

I've used several different brands and kinds of white spray paint and recently, this is my product of choice.  I really like the coverage, the price and the finished product.  Do you really  need another reason? Nope. Me neither. Done.  I've now purchased about 20 cans of this for various projects.

And a few minutes later...The first coat of paint it on.  Now approximately 2 weeks later, the frame has had about 4 coats of paint and it looks amazing.  Looks like a factory lacquer job.  I'm totally impressed. 

I'm planning to take this frame to a frame shop and put an original piece in it that I've had for about 2 years and needs a frame face lift. I'm really excited.

Project 3 - finally getting around to painting the bamboo/rattan table and chairs that are in the pool.
I've had these for 2 plus years and it was (again) time to do what I originally intended to do.
This change was quite dramatic and left me saying "why did I wait so long to do this, it was so easy"

 This shows a before and after of the chairs. 
I didn't get one of the table but it was the same color as the unpainted chair.
It certainly makes the space a lot lighter.

In my last post I said I was excited because school was out...well that hardly changed anything. (whomp, whomp) Summer school started this week and it is, per usual, soaking up any free time.
I keep reminding myself, short term pain - long term gain. And in the meantime, these projects keep me smiling.

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