Monday, May 19, 2014

2 months went by?

How did that happen? 

Oh...wait...I know how...
1. I've been teaching over 40 private music students
2. Working a 20 hours a week GA at U of M
3. at the "other school" (as my Dad calls) 28 hours a week
4. Doctoral homework (who needs time for that craziness? HA!)
5. Oh yeah, then there's actually going to class (9 credits this semester)

All - in - All
I've started to look more like this photo above as the things start to end for the semester. 
Way to much going on - have you ever technically over committed yourself? It's awful. 
Don't do it.  Although I'm sure you already knew that. 

This post will serve as a reminder to me - if not anything else - about how this semester was no good. 
To much to do - not enough time.  Period. 

So...if I ever have a 2 month blogging lapse, somebody check in because I may have done it again. 
And trust me...nobody needs any part of that. 

Here's to the end of May, the hopes for more blogging, more house projects, 
and the end of my first year of doctoral work.

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