Monday, September 23, 2013

Paint in the Hall (and bedroom)

For me this house was love at first sight. As I may have mentioned in previous posts about #dwh2, when we found this house, we had been looking at houses for almost 2 years.

It has a fabulous layout, good sized rooms, a good number of potties (a requirement of mine), and naturally the indoor swimming pool didn't hurt. One thing that this house needed was some serious TLC. And eventually down the road, all new bathrooms, a kitchen and work to various other components of the house (womp, womp). For now, the answer is paint!

We painted a guest room about two months ago, alas it is a guest room no more. Our international daughter lives in that room now. We wanted to get her room set up before her arrival so she'd be good to go.'s time to start working on our rooms.

First up...Our bedroom and the master wing hallway.

I don't have a lot of photos of these two rooms. One reason...the paint was so dark it was actually hard to photograph. I do have a few photos, and they are some strictly of the room, others with the room as the background.

A Saturday morning photo of G and Handsome. 
Notice the paint swatches on the wall in the photo above and below.
 This is probably the best photo of the green paint. 
It gives the best, true to form, view of what color it actually was.'s time for primer.

Keeping it real folks...
Our bedroom right now is a mess. 

There was a lot of prep work between these two spaces.
All of the electrical plates and air vents had to be replaced. 
They were a combination of miss-match  and/or painted over (which I'm against). 
Between the two spaces, that is a total of 16 plates. (yeaaahh)

You may have noticed the super charming lighting in the bedroom. 
Yeah, that's going to be addressed at some point on a larger scale. 
Right now, it's being addressed by keeping them off and using lamps. 
Fortunately the floor to ceiling windows/door on one end provide a lot of natural light. 

After primer, we are left with a lovely, white that has a slight tint of blue/grey. 
The prep/priming process took a while. 
We did not do this job ourselves, we had it done. 
There were to many components and far to much space for us to be able to do it ourselves. 
I'm glad to have it all fixed and looking fresh. 
I am a broken record...paint surely can change things. 

And now for the hallway. 

Also the same shade of burnt avacado green. 


(the entry way paneling is getting painted soon)

 I was so happy to see the primer I nearly told the painter to add another coat and just stop there. 
Alas, this was not the final color.

This hallway is fairly long and has 4 closets and doors to the entry way, 
to the dressing room and to our bedroom.
 In case you were wondering...
There are 11 doors in this hallway. 
Though this space is very dark, this is why I didn't stop with white for this space. 

The after is my favorite transformation thus far.

I had class this weekend and when I came home from class late on Friday night Geoff and I took the wallpaper off our his/her bathrooms. Both bathrooms had wallpaper that were of a dessert/passport theme. Geoff's had camels and other safari animals with a brown backdrop and mine was a blush, dusty pink with passport stamps on it. Fortunately we had the paper off in about an hour or just a little more. (Thank you info-mercial steamer we purchased on a whim). On Saturday night when I got home, I took the paper off one of the other bathrooms. It even had paper on the ceiling (gulp). It's the smallest bathroom so it took about 30  minutes. Again, thank you super steamer.

The bathrooms and my dressing room are up next for paint. 
Then possibly the entryway and the kitchen...Oh geez I don't know. Only time will tell. 
There is still a lot of work to do in the master bedroom but for now, the paint is an excellent step in the right direction!

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