Wednesday, June 26, 2013

To paint -OR- Not to paint

The post titled says it all. Or rather questions it all.

You may remember this frame from our midtown house. It was above the ginormous fireplace with a painting of a hunter in it. When I made this purchase all I really wanted was the frame, but the seller was selling a painting and the frame just happened to come with it. (He was looking at it all wrong, the frame was the prize, not the painting.) So...out of the deal I also got a 2 paintings. I gave one of them to my mother right away. It was of a woman riding a horse. For her this is nearly as humorous as me having a painting with a gun in it.  We aren't horse OR gun people (now to explain my collection of white lacquered horse heads....sheesh)

Back to the frame and question at hand.

This frame is HUGE. As in 3 feet x 4 feet.
Right now it is gold leafed with antiquing on it. Quite honestly if the frame isn't white, this is exactly as I would want it.  Shiny white, or gold leaf. That's my bit, right there. My interest in painting it though comes from the fact that it is sitting on a fold leafed table. Does that really matter? Can't I just have a buncha gold? Seems totally reasonable.


Should I paint it, I have the paint and the brush already at bay. I'm planning to repaint the coffee table and paint the legs of a few other pieces. Regardless....I'm going to get to paint something!
That's probably what I'm really after. (smiley face)

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