Tuesday, June 25, 2013

photos around #dwh2

It's Tuesday....
Wanna see some house photos? 

Things are rolling along...little by little.  Fun little changes are happening in the house every day. No paint or construction plans for now, just living. Enjoying it's quirkiness and lovely amenities.

I've been reading various blogs in the past few weeks, it is moving season after all.  There are many bloggers moving and they're making changes before they move into their new houses. Now, I'm no novice house dweller. This is our 3rd house in Memphis and our 5th house together in the past 8 years of marriage. I'm always curious how folks can make such drastic changes prior to moving in. For me, even if I know what aesthetic I'm after I need to be in a space for a while before I can make necessary changes. Every space is different. The way you live in a den in one house, for example, is may end up being different than how you'll do things in another house. I've found this to be true at least. Am I alone in this observation? So, for now, we will continue to adjust to the new space and unpack and decorate...and trim trees/bushes, and make lists for options for the future.

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