Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Details on the move.

The past 3 weeks have absolutely flown by. As in...ZOOOOOOM...Where'd they go? Unbelievable to me how that happens. But while trying to recount the happenings of the previous 21 days, I did find that a lot had happened. So perhaps it's a moot point after all.

When we moved into #dwh2 we had about a week to do it. This was very nice. In fact I don't think if we were to move to another house I could do it any other way. Or rather, that would be my preference.  During the week of our move, it was also faculty out service week at the school where I work. This was slightly problematic in that I did have to work, but there was still time to move. Again, perhaps that is why I now am in favor of the 7 day move option.

My darhling husband didn't share this detail of the move until we were completely finished, but the tally come in at 35 car loads and 2 professional mover loads. Now...Let's go back to the 35 car loads.
1 car load = my car completely full, so we did the trips in 2s mostly. Also any time I was headed to work, I packed the car up and dropped it off. This was helpful. The car loads consisted of all of our china and wedding dishes/bar wear, glasses, etc. Well...Actually we also moved our entire kitchen, dishes of all kinds. We moved all of our wall hangings, clothes, decorative items, books (good lord there are lots), lamps, all of my shoes (again, good lord there are lots). Basically we moved anything that could fit in the car within reason. The professional movers moved all of our furniture, tvs, rugs, and another set of professional movers moved the two grand pianos.

The grand pianos were the very first "furniture" to be moved. Because of their placement in our previous house, they had to be the first out the door, otherwise, nothing else was leaving the premises.
It was amazing how much space the two of them occupied. Lovely, but slightly ridiculous in the last house. In the new house, they both have a sizable amount of room and sound fantastic. The terrazzo flooring is their nice new friend. (Glad they get along because that flooring is staying.)

The pianos were moved on a Wednesday morning. The furniture was moved on Thursday. That took. All. Day. WOW. We thought they'd load in the morning in Midtown and unload in the afternoon in East Memphis. That was partially true. In that they did a load/unload in the morning/early afternoon then they had to go back for the second trip. The quantity of what we had was the understatement of the decade. Remember all of those craigslist finds...I didn't. They added up. (insert silly smile)
Another concept I highly advocate. Professional movers. It's the best thing ever. Seriously, when you're planning a move, include it in your budget and don't look back. They take things apart, move it, unload it in the new place, put it right where you want it, put it back together....fabulous.
Had we had to do that...I don't think we would have recovered and the contents of the past 21 days would be irrelevant.

Last Friday was my "last day of school". So this week has been the beginning of my summer break.
This week I'm working on the place. Making lists, plans, and schemes for all the possibilities to come.

If you follow my Instagram or Vine feed, you've seen some of our house. It's a fun space! It will be very exciting to see where it leads us.

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