Thursday, January 17, 2013

The month of December

Earlier this week I posted about the decorations in my house for the Christmas holiday (that are still up by the way). Just as I had the same problem putting them up, I'm now having difficulty scheduling a time to take them back down.  So my white Christmas tree is now going to be a winter tree and probably a Valentine's tree to follow.

So...back to the month of December. Here is a photo review of some of the things that went down.

//I got this new piece of art off Etsy: CoCo Draws//

//I worked at WKNO many days, including over my highly coveted teacher holiday//

//A lovely package from JewelMint arrived at my doorstep.//

//December means recital season for my many music students, 
Handsome thought he needed to give a little recital himself//

//Speaking of recitals, I sang the Vivaldi Gloria with a Methodist Church here in Memphis.//

//I hadn't done any solo work like this for a year or so, so this was fun.//

//In mid December I turned in my 2nd Masters document.
I was awfully glad to check that puppy off the ol' list.//

//HANDSOME did his regular begging act for most of the month.//

//Christmas break rolled around and it was time to actually decorate the house.
This included the bar cart, which is now fashionably adorned with multi 
colored tooth picks in an appropriate Moose holder curtosy of my Dad.//

//I managed to paint my nails, something I hadn't done for a while.//

//New Year's Eve came, which allowed for some adjustments to holiday decor, 
though not a total take down, after all Christmas wasn't officially over.//

//We spent NYE with new friends and old friends in Midtown Memphis.//

//2013 arrived with a good food and laughter//

//Resolution, anyone?//

//Always nice to start off with a fresh coat (of nail polish at least) for the new year.//

And just like that, January is here.

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