Thursday, January 17, 2013

Before and After

Last spring (or maybe it was early summer) I was on the hunt for a winged back chair with claw feet. I had a high interest in claw feet, and naturally I didn't find said claw feet on a winged back chair, but ended up buying a love seat instead.  And this actually isn't a love seat, it's more like a chair and a half sort of a deal, so I feel like my search wasn't a total discard. (HA)

The original upholstery wasn't terrible. Let's be could have been WAY worse.
It was something I could live with and felt like I could style up in my house with the other things I had around it.  

Well, I lived with it....Handsome lived with it...and then it was time for a new set of clothes for the lovely little love seat and it's fancy claw feet. I have to live with a piece for a while sometimes before I decide just exactly what kind of new clothes it should get...know what I mean?

//Before, shortly after purchase//

//After, January 2013//

//Would you look at those legs!?!//

//It's always fun to change around the pillows.
Sort of like changing the jewelry up on a really good outfit.//

This is not the actual "after" I was just so excited I had to share. 
The actual after will come when I paint the pretty legs of this beauty. 

The fabric I chose for this piece is a faux ostrich.  I've used this on 3 or 4 projects this fall in either white or black and I love using it for many reasons.  The first and most important is that I like it! The second is that it is basically indestructible. Between my black cat, the children that come in and out of my house each week, and the occasional party goer casualty, I needed something that could be wiped clean without any heartache. So on all accounts, mission accomplished! One thing that is difficult about using a faux anything is making sure that it doesn't look cheap.  I tested out several different options before committing to this particular one and again, I've been happy with it on all accounts.

Check back in later for the actual after with the pretty painted legs.
Aren't you curious what color they'll be?

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