Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Christmas Decorations

The Christmas season blew by so fast this year that I hardly remember it actually happened.  I put Christmas decorations up in time for a Christmas party at our house on December 21st. Naturally, that is way later than I've ever done so.  But none the less, it was on my mind as the holiday season started back in November this year.

The merriment of the season begins.

I started putting Christmas decorations up in early November and quickly realized that my white Christmas tree was sporting a rather shady shade of white.  With this in mind I decided that I needed to spray paint a few coats to revitalize my precious white tree. So out the door I went with my white tree to the back yard with my cans of white spray paint.  I did this on a rather busy Sunday morning so it actually got to sit outside for many hours.  This helped with the smell.  Something I didn't take into account before I started spraying.  Fortunately, the smell was mostly gone by the time I took it back inside. rained.  For which I thought my tree was ruined. 

While I was in the backyard spray painting my Christmas tree naturally somebody sent me a text to see what I was doing.  My answer..."Oh ya know, just out back spray painting my Christmas tree."

Meanwhile...back inside

I gathered some new velvet throw pillows for the sun room sofa to add to the holiday cheer. The other pillows I have been using are bright yellow linen and I decided to change the fabrication for the winter season.  The thing is I like these new pillows so much that they may just get to stay on the couch year around.

About a week later, the tree found some decorations and we were ready to celebrate the holiday season.  Since my husband works for the church it doesn't seem like the holiday season did when I was growing up.  It just seems like work now.  Isn't that sad? SO many joyous components of the season though I must say.

Around the house...

I will admit that I do still have some of my decorations still up.  My tree has turned into a Valentine's Day tree, which I can convince myself of for now. But in a few more weeks I will have to put it away. Until then, I have some new light to shed on the house for the new year.

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