Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tuesday afternoon

This week has been interesting. Good work, good study, a little bit of "home work" and "homework".

I'm still trying to figure out my bangs. As it were, I have a bit of a callick. 
That's not so good when you're trying to get your bangs to lay straight. 

Handsome is up to his regular "things". 
And he always looks cute doing it. 

I'm just wild over this Kate Spade Clutch. 
I'm a piano teacher...come on! 
Shouldn't ever piano teacher just get one of these...
like...for free!!?!?!?
I think so. 

Today is the last day of the first quarter. 
You know what that means? 
Final exam today. 
Next week...a new class begins. 

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  1. Love that clutch! And your kitty is adorable :)


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