Monday, October 17, 2011

Daniel Pafford Awesomness

Have you heard of Daniel Pafford? 
Until about 20 minutes ago, I had not.  Shame on me. 

Below are a couple of photos from projects he has designed. 

What I like about this room:
1. Wall Color
2. How soft these long, lux curtains look against the wall color
3. The giant fiddle leaf fig tree in this room.  I bought one about a month ago, 
I hope it can grow to be this big someday. 
4. Zebra rug. Totally great way to bring some zing/zap in the room full of traditional pieces
5. How about that fire place? Pretty great remix for this old lovely, native to the room piece. 
6. The scale of the mirror and mantel in relationship to the size 
of the windows and the sofa on the opposite wall. 
7. The pieces of furniture in this room: just the right number of seating options. 
Not only are they traditional pieces, which I love, 
but they are covered beautifully in new and modern fabrics. 

Things I like about this room:
1. LOVE the rug. It's gigantic.  It must have cost a fortune. 
After being on the hunt for a really fine 9x12 rug I 
shutter to think what this beauty set them back. 
2. Color palate of the room. The mixture of fabrics, paint, window dressing is fabuslous.
Velvet can really suck up the space in the room, 
the scale of these pieces in relationship to the size of the room really
promotes not only a lovely flow, but also a "suck free" zone. 
(that probably doesn't sound right). 

Check out more about this designer here

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