Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Weekend - ReCap

Labor Day Weekend 2011 has come and gone. 
It's almost like it was never even here. 
With a blink of an eye, this lovely and well 
expected holiday weekend blew by. 

In a few captured pictures, here's how we spent our weekend. 

Remember those really amazing wedding flowers? 
Well...they died. 

They were quickly replaced by new bundle of fresh roses. 
Rachel's, a flower shop in Midtown Memphis had a flower happy hour. 
I was mesmerised by the options but stuck with roses. 
Chartreuse, lavender, and hot pink stems to the rescue. 

My family was in town from Kansas. 
It's always good to see Dad, Mom and my brother Patrick. 
When they visit, there is more than likely a hearty dose of food involved. 

Within minutes of their Thursday arrival a trip in the car 
was necessary to pick up some of the Memphis greatest hits. 

On that list is Muddy's Bakeshop for a box of dilicious cupcakes. 

For about a decade, when she comes to my house, Mom packs in 
 things like toilet paper, paper towels, miscellaneous dry goods,  
and those pesky things like soap that she knows I detest buying.
She started doing this when I was in University and has continued to do so....
because...I'm STILL in University.  LOVE IT. 

I hope that someday this might translate into 
bringing things like baby diapers and formula.
But for now, it's things like snickers.

On Friday and Saturday we did some shopping... 

...and home came these giraffe candlestick holders from Anthropologie. 
I think they're "interesting" and fortunately they were marked down! 
I'm glad I waited a little bit longer. Right now they're hanging out in front of  
my Kate Spade (February) print. I have yet to hang
 them as they are a 12 month series. I've got a few more to acquire 
before I really commit to hanging them together. 

On Sunday night, mother nature sent us buckets full of rain. 
The family Redbird tickets went unused. 

Instead....we stayed home and made a family favorite,

Mushroom Risotto = POT OF GOLD

This morning (Monday) my parents loaded 
up their car and back to Kansas they drove. 
It's tough living so far away from your parental units. 
Our time together is always very precious. 
...Pause for a wee tear...

Following their departure I went to work! 

The World's Away outlet, Worlds Apart, had a MEGA SALE today. 
And mega it was.  From the minute the doors opened it was a whirlwind day. 
I spent it with my wonderful boss, Lucy, and two great 
gal pals Thaler, and Lauren. If you've got to work on a holiday,
 it's always fun to do it with great company!

And tonight, after an action packed weekend, I'm ready to jump in the bed. 
Another week of work, lessons, class, homework, and studying is upon us. 

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