Friday, September 16, 2011


I bought these chairs on Craigslist in June of this year. 
They are in really good shape and I felt like they were a good color. 
So...I've kept them as is. 
The only debacle is that the legs were a little beat up. 
That was the only thing that needed some love. 
It's craigslist...come one, everything from the list needs some love. 

The solution: PAINT!
Last Saturday morning, I went to the fix it store and bought some paint. 
Rustoleum Oil Based Paint to be exact. Great price, approximately $8.00.
This kind of paint only comes pre-mixed so the color selection is slim.

via: Rust-Oleum

I didn't have any experience with oil based paint prior to this paint job. 
My new advice after working with oil based paint is to do it quickly!
I discovered that painting with this kind of paint is kind of like painting 
your nails. Brush strokes go away, and the enamel dries in a slick luster. 
WOW! I love it.  I didn't even have to sand!
The last recommendation/discovery....
Try to keep it out of your hair! Yikes.

Here is the chair #1 before

After 1 of 4 legs were painted

After 2 legs are far me likely!

I stepped back to get a better look...yup I'll keep going. 

Now it's time for chair #2
I decided to move this one further out in the room. 
Painting chair legs is a little bit tricky.

Chair #2...after

Now it's time to dry. 

Oil based paint can take up to 3 days to dry. 
Oy! So much for a quick little project. 

The finale to follow. 

Happy Friday. 

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  1. love that you went white for these, it really shows off the shape. What a great find those were!


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