Saturday, June 11, 2011

Throw Pillows: Fashion or Function?

I can remember a time when I was void of throw pillows.  
Can you imagine? 
And now...I have a plethora. 

Enter my Craigslist couch that was purchased around Christmas 2010. 

I loved this couch when I saw it on the "list" and have grown to even more love it as time has gone on. 
I considered (well was planning on) recovering this piece upon purchase.  After having it for a few months, I just love it to much to do it.  AND if I did have it recovered, guess would probably be blue. So no gain-no loss. 

For the past couple of months, I've had this guy lounging on the couch.
Handsome is scared of our animal hides....I don't think he wants to think of what they may have been (!)

These pillows are just great.  They are a popular item that many bloggers use in projects and I have seen them wildly posted in the past year.  Yes, I also have a pair.  And guess what...I love them. 

They are so versatile, this is the front and back of the pillow. 
 It's not just cute on one side, it's cute on both!

Here are my Tarj pillows with some newly acquired Robert Allen pillow
 made by my gal pal Lauren (she is a sewing wizard)! 

This pillow is one of my very favorites...
The hitch in this giddy up is that it is so darn big that it is only really good to "look at".  
It doesn't so much do any good if you have to actually sit ON the couch. Boo. 
Do you think the same philosophy applies to cute pillows that we rationalize with to wear cute shoes? 

Here are the smaller versions.  I purchased the big green guy and the yellow and pink smaller guys about a year ago at Anthropologie.  The little guys are much easier to work with. 

What's up with you and your throw pillows? Does your significant other try to use them to lay on?
(I have that problem.) Do they get to stay on the couch/chair when you sit down?  
I guess the real question is...
Throw Pillows: Fashion or Function?

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  1. fashion and function - I need the pattern because I always end up with solid upholstery, but they have to be soft and squishy ;) I bought a sofa identical to yours on kijiji except mine is upholstered in an unfortunate mauve moire tafetta (!!) so it will def be getting a revamp - yours' is gorgeous! I wouldn't change a thing..


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