Thursday, June 23, 2011

some more chairs.

My ability to name this blog post today is void. 
Chairs, you understand the topic, right? 

I've had this photo in my "LOVE IT" folder for a while.  I wouldn't say forever, but I would say a while.
This space is a lovely hotel designed by a woman who needs no introduction.  
So I'll just type her name instead.  K-e-l-l-y W-e-a-r-s-t-l-e-r (period). 
There are a log of things I like about this space. And as far as her spaces go, this is really tame. 
The colors are great, and the shape of the chairs is what really drives home this design for me. 
The chairs, that's why it went in my file. 


3 weeks ago, guess what I found on craigslist here in Memphis.

Very similar shape, check, and yes. 
So I set up a time to go visit the chairs. 
When I got there I realized they were not green as I had it in my mind but instead they were...


The phone conversation went like this:

Me: Hello sir, I'd like to set up a time to come visit your green chairs that you have for sale on craigslist.
Sir: Well....ummm....yes okay...but I must go ahead and tell you that they are not green they are brown.
Me: Long pause. BROWN?!?!?! Really? Okay I'll be there in 3 minutes. 
Sir: Thatsfinebye.  (he was quick to get off the phone)

This is another example of a craigslist purchase I envisioned recovering. So the fact that they weren't green wasn't really a problem to me. After all, how often is it that you buy something on craigslist that isn't a "project". 

When I got there, they were better than I ever could have dreamed.  Perfect condition. 

I shook the man's hand and said, "I'll be back!"

Initially, these were perspective pieces to go to the store. 
Once I saw them, my dreams of having a Kelly Wearstler moment in my house became more realistic.
And while they did make a very brief pit stop in the store, appropriate arrangements were made for their immediate (that day) departure to my home. 

In addition to my dreams of having some chairs this shape, I have also had this wild and crazy dream that when I did actually get some chairs this shape that I might perhaps like to have them at the ends of our dining table. Yes, yes, I know I'm a complete wild woman. When the chairs came in the door, they went right to the table. 

And they've sat there amongst a complete amazon pile of "stuff" for approximately 3 weeks.
Since it has been that long I decided that I needed to tidy up the table enough that I could actually take some photos of the chairs in the mix to decide if that's where they will stay. 

One thing I do like about these chairs at the table is that they for sure have that, "sit down and stay a while" look to them.  I can't imagine a guest complaining about their seat at this dinner table.
These chairs are all COMFORTABLE (first and foremost)! 

While I am very satisfied with this upholstery, I do have visions of giving their legs a little color.
Well, so to speak, because I'd be painting them white to match the other chair legs.
I also think it would just give them a fresh look. 

Also...surviving the potential layover in the dining room, the yellow rug. 
Combining these two elements with the fact that I want to paint this room Benjamin Moore "baby fern", what do you think? "Should they stay or should they go?"

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  1. I love the chairs, there is nothing a little TLC couldn't do to make them look even better. As you mentioned painting the legs white will give them a fresher look! Good luck with them! Thanks for stopping by my blog. :) I love yours!



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