Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Anniversary Day

October 1, 2010 was an awesome day.  Geoffrey and I spent the entire day together, which for us is quite rare even on a Saturday.  We started the day off with a little road trip down to Tunica, MS.  Right now you're probably thinking, "Hmmmm Tunica...didn't I hear a quote about Tunica in an Oceans movie?"  The answer would be "yes".  I believe the quote was something like this..."Tunica, where games go to die. "  Our trip to Tunica wasn't for was for fooding. A few weeks ago we saw a segment on the Food Network about this delightful little whole in the wall called The Hollywood Cafe. 
With no real plans in mind and never having been to Tunica, we decided that this might be a fun little venture.  So we made plans to hit the road on our anniversary to have lunch at Hollywood Cafe. 

In one of my previous posts, I was questioning how my diet would affect the day.  I decided that with clever choices, that I would celebrate this anniversary just like I would celebrate any other milestone in life....GOOD FOOD and DRINK!  Fortunately, because I've been on this diet for approximately a month my ability to eat has drastically changed.  At lunch, I had only a few bites before I was full!  I couldn't believe it...seriously...FULL. Which was helpful since I was eating fried green tomatoes.  YUM.
In addition to the tomatoes, we had a glass of wine.  WOW, was it ever good.  

5th Anniversary glass of wine
 After lunch, we went for a little stroll through a couple of casinos.  It was wildly amusing.  We played a few slots, won some money (about $5) which we promptly lost.  No harm no foul, they were just penny slots.  The walk about did me good after feeling the guilt set in from eating lunch.

Hollywood Cafe in Tunica, MS where we had lunch

Inside Hollywood Cafe, cute as a button

The original Hollywood Cafe sign 

My 5th Anniversary foot photo-outside Hollywood 

I sneaked a photo

completely goofy, full...and goofy
 After spending a few hours in Tunica, we drove back home to Memphis.  Our kitty, Handsome was there to greet us at the door with a big "MEOOOW" if to say, "where have you been, I've been sick with worry"....he frets so.  He's kind of a little worry wart.

After some consideration, we decided to walk for our dinner.  The little evening stroll was good for the mind, and for the hinny.  Round trip, it is a little over a mile to and from our house from the restaurant.  Albeit a short distance, the walking did me good.

While walking to Cafe 1912

After dinner before walking home
Our dinner at Cafe 1912 was delectable.  We shared an order of mussels and split a steak.  I was absolutely stuffed to the gills as we left the restaurant and made our way towards home reminiscing about how we spent the day together, on our 5th wedding anniversary.

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  1. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Loved the photos of the Hollywood Cafe. I thought it had bitten the dust after the casinos came. Wrote a story about that little cafe about twenty years ago for the newspaper in Jackson MS, and the field work was so fun - there was a blues band playing, and the food was awesome.


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