Monday, July 12, 2010

Who loves an armoire? I do...I do....

We bought this armoire about a year ago and had it restored, and had a shelf made for the inside to house (our TV) electronics.  In this process I wasn't sure what should be done other than it needed sealed.  So...that's all we did.  It has been in our home now for several months and now I'm thinking about what the possibilities COULD be.

Here are some potential options.....

white limed wood

green limed wood

Thoughts anyone? 

Handsome loves it that we are home and that "our" piano students have resumed. 


  1. I like the limed look but not knowing your bedroom decor, can't comment on white vs green. Very stylish, though.

  2. ooh love the limed! i agree with kathryn in not really having a comment on the color, but with no context, i am drawn to the white.

  3. I'm indifferent about the green vs. the white but I do like the lime look. I think it would for sure have to be white, if anything was done. Although with the headboard installation I don't really think. This his how I ended up with it being in the current state...


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