Sunday, July 18, 2010

Do you ever.....?

I always read on other blogs that folks are finding fantastic things on craigslist.  Every once in a blue moon I look on the tri-state area listings but never find anything that is nearly as fantastic as others.
Tonight I was looking for some low cost items for a friend who is moving into a great mid-town apartment and found something that dazzled every jewel in my eye.  A round royal purple norwalk ottoman.

This orange ottoman was shown in High-Heeled Foot in The Door on July the 8th.  I LOVED it immediately.  I have no idea where in the world I would put that fabulous thing, but the point is that I think it is fabulous.

The price tag on this ottoman was $68 and is Kravet.

We'll see if my purple find is still available....keep those flanges crossed. 

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  1. My junior year musical was "The Boyfriend", set in luxurious, post-armistice Neice, France. I played the madame of a girls finishing school. My office had an ottoman similar to the orange picture. I loved it at 16. Love it even more now, and dream of a foyer that can hold it!


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