Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Just a hop, a cab, some air time, another cab...

We departed for NYC this morning at 7:00am...well that's what time the cab was to arrive and I was to be ready...did that work- NOPE!
We made it to the airport though in time and all was well.
The flight from Memphis to most NYC area airports is 2 hours give or take a few minutes plus whatever they burn in delays.
Here is my tip thus far : Car service from the airport is fantastic! They drive you right from the baggage claim to the front door of where you are going! You don't have to lift a paw! Yahoo!
Plus, who doesn't like riding in the back of a shiny black vehicle.
Today was St. Patrick's Day in NYC (and everywhere else, duh). The parade here is really something to experience. This is the 3rd time this decade I've been here to see it. The good news is, by the end of the day I'm not interested in hearing bagpipe for a while.
We walked probably 3 miles today exploring the upper west side/midtown. I am just bananas for the flower markets. I took like 30 pictures of flowers, no people in them, just flowers! They're fantastic. I bought a bundle of tulips to put in the apartment for our stay. They are pretty!
While I am in complete ecstasy that we are here, I am already saddened by the fact that 1 day is coming to a close.
Dinner tonight at Lucky Stripe, a cousin to our favorite restaurant Balthazar (where we will be dinning tomorrow night).


  1. Reminds me of chamber choir tour . . . sigh.

  2. Exactly Suz...Geoff and I talked about that trip a lot....since that's the trip we started dating on St. Patty's in NYC has always been really special to us. We've been back several times since then. I think for that reason, we will always be frequent St. Patty's/NYC lovers!

    We went in St. Bart's...remember that? That was so cool.


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