Wednesday, February 11, 2015

I turned 32.

Well. It happened. I turned 32. For some reason unpronounced to me this birthday felt the most traumatic of all the "I'm getting older birthdays". It was kind of like that scene from SATC when Carrie Bradshaw turns 35...well, that happened for me 3 years early. So, I'm going to stay 31 until I actually do turn 35. I swear. My sakes.

31 (2014) was an okay year. Not exactly a gravy train. But, it happened. Seemed like one transition point after another.  It felt like one adult type thing after another. Perhaps an opportunity to chalk it up to growing pains? But there were good things as a 31 year old. Perhaps my favorite of the year, spending July in NYC. That was terrific. I will always remember that trip, the learning experience, etc. Things that were not lovely about being 31. Perhaps at the top, the realization that I wasn't doing something that made me happy or that I wanted to do any longer. When you figure out you're going down the wrong path at 31, that's harsh when you've made so much effort to be in the right place. So, I said goodbye to my 31 year old self on January 30th at midnight and welcomed in my 32 year old self. Which, thus far,  I'm optimistic that something more sunny is coming my way.

 My birthday weekend started with some extra props for music lessons. 
I give you the girls from Frozen as well as Beethoven Bear and Mozart Mouse. 
Hey, when you're 5, it's all good. I say bring'em. I'll use them to help you learn the piano. Mom sent me a new book for the collection. 

And yes. I wore some pink. 
Through in other years it consumed more of my outfit, as I'm growing's a smaller portion. 

I got two of these new to me lamps from Antique Warehouse on Summer Ave. 
They are brassy gold with a solid carerra marble base. LOVE THEM. 
I have one in the living room and the other is in the lady room. 
And as you can see, Handsome was on hand to assist. 

I share my birthday (January 31) with Justin Timberlake. 
Shout out to JT. 

Okay...and a shout out to Handsome. 

Later in the day we went to see "Cake"...
And do not me decieved this is not a happy birthday cake kind of movie. was thrilling. Fabulous movie, wonderful acting. Terribly sad. 

Then Dr. GHW had to rush off to marry some folks so the bday celebration was put on hold.
Post wedding, we hit the Peabody for some beverages. 
My pick, an ode to my pinky love...Pink Cadillac. 
F-U-N in a glass. 

Following the adult beverage portion of the evening at The Peabody, 
we loaded back up and headed to midtown for dinner at Restaurant Iris. 

Me + Him on my 32nd Birthday. 

Our dinner reservation was at 9pm. As we were driving back to East Memphis, we realized that since the next day was Superbowl Sunday that perhaps we should stop off to pick up some food to avoid the crowd.  Well we did get some food and we also came home with this delightful caterpillar. It was on sale and was purchased for $29.98.  I love it.

Fun evening indeed. 

Then, Sunday brought lessons and preparation for our 
"SuperBowl/Downton Abbey/Birthday gathering"

I share a birthday weekend with a lovely group of ladies from our church so we have celebrated around our collective birthdays for the past 7 or so years. I am the youngest, the next is 62 and the eldest is 82. We are quite the group.  

Dot with our shared birthday cake. 

And a birthday box from my family in Kansas. 
Being away from home is very hard. That will never get any easier. 
But, it does help to have a few treats from the fam at home. 

Here we go 32, let's do this.

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