Saturday, February 7, 2015

Mid Century Renovation Inspiration Photos

Every morning I open my email, very nearly before my feet hit the ground. Amongst the myriad of emails, mostly junk these days, is one of my favorites, the daily email from Domain Home. I can always count on 2 things from that blessed email.  1. That I am going to ooo-ahh at the approximately 6 article links the email provides. 2. I am then going to practically rewrite some aspect of my "final" plan for projects in at #dwh2. 

On Thursday, February 5, this happened in a mega way.

Now, as I've clearly said about 3 other times in this post, these photos are from Domain/Pinterest. 
Not my house, not my monkeys, but man is this a circus I could be part of on a daily basis.

So without further adieu...

All photos via Domain Home/Pinterest

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