Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Union Univeristy Graduation - May 18, 2013

Saturday was a very exciting day. 

I graduated with my second masters degree from Union University.

The hubs and I after graduation. 

Unfortunately, my family was not able to be here on Saturday. 
Mom was taking part in her own graduation events in Kansas. 
She had students graduating. 
I thought it fun that at nearly the same time, while she was declaring degrees 
in Kansas I was getting one in Tennessee.

Alas, you never go through graduation alone. 
In this picture, a family friend from our church and also 
the mother of two of my school students.

Here we are after the graduation ceremony in Jackson. 

You may have noticed from some of these photos that my hair is different. 

I caved. 

I have ombre hair no more. 

I'm all brown, once again. 

How'd I do? 

...back to graduation...

 walking in was a ton of fun...

There were a ton of graduates, and guess what they called ALL the names. 
Which, you're always glad for...but it takes a while.

 Good thing our division was close to the front.

One thing I find interesting about living in "The South" is the age of things.
For example, the school I teach at is in it's 166th academic year. 
Union University just had it's 188th annual graduation. 
Coming from Kansas...things aren't quite as old.

 there I am in the program

The campus looked really pretty as we lined up to walk in. 

 I was so excited to get this little puppy in my paws. 
Once we sat down our whole row was quick to open the leather bound diploma.


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