Monday, November 24, 2014

Time to give thanks

It is hard to believe how quickly this semester has been. I remember when I was a young child my mother and other family members would always say that time moves quicker as you get older.  I thought that to be complete gibberish at the time, but truth be told it is in fact true. With the holiday season at the door, and my 32nd birthday not far behind I am reminded of those childhood memories that include my mom saying this.

I am grateful for many things this fall. Perhaps, more things than I can actually name, which seems like a good thing.  Among them are love, health, safety, security, community, growth, laughter, and really good music. That seems like an excellent place to start with reflection. The news of chaos and calamity in this country and beyond this fall has been troubling and sad.  Even now, those words are not strong enough to depict the sadness of what is happening in society both in the US and abroad.

Alas, this week is for giving thanks.  We are able to do that twice during the fall months in our house, once for Canadian Thanksgiving and once for American Thanksgiving.  Now a good thing!

Happy and Merry to all!

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