Wednesday, August 20, 2014

#dwh2: Artwork

Remember this giant frame that I spray painted about 2 months ago...or was it 3? 
Well I did have a purpose for spraying it and having it ready to go.  
 Just a quick post to share it's whereabouts. 

I used my fav spray paint - It took a trillion or more cans to spray this giant frame. 
Job well worth it though - the end result was super exciting. 

Frame in progress - Already looking good! 

After I finished the frame it sat for about 6 weeks (while we were in NYC and other trips). When I got home from NYC I took it to the framer - so excited to have this done (did I say that yet?)!

I got it back yesterday - so excited - and it is now hanging in the dining room.  Where it may stay, but I will likely try it in several different other settings in the next few days to see how it looks.  I like how the stark white frame looks against the almost black wall.  It helps fill the wall too with color.

Like many other things in my house - it usually doesn't get to come in/stay if I can't find at least 3 places to put it.  So now I'm on the hunt for the other two possible places for this gem.

Oh and I'm sure you're wondering about the artwork - the piece is acrylic and pencil on paper and is about 25+ years old I do believe.  The artist is Kathleen McElroy - a I teacher taught with at St. Mary's Episcopal School.  She's so lovely - her pieces are amazing and I'm always proud to say that I know her!

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