Thursday, February 6, 2014

Inspiration Photos for #dwh2

While hunting for a possible #dwh2  - we kept in mind that we/I wanted a "project".
I think we did succeed with this wee task. Needless to say my inspiration file folder was bursting with photos I liked of traditional homes that fit more of the Midtown Memphis- 4 square build. And as fate would happen, this folder was emptied as of April last year and I started again.  As you can see from previous post in the latter months...#dwh2 is not of the traditional persuasion.

I thought I would share a few of the photos from my new folder of inspiration having had 7 months in the new house.

#dwh2 is not likely to ever have a staircase in it - it is a 1 story show. But our dining room does look out to the pool. It is neat to see that is a commonality of mid century design. 

While I would absolutely love rip out the kitchen and start over. We are not going to do it. At least not for years to come. The photos above are the inspiration for what we do have. Wood cabinets, nearly identical to the two kitchens above - the question is whether to paint them white like the two photos on the top or leave them as they are like the two photos on the bottom.  White marble counter tops are to come as well as new lighting.  I love the fixtures in the bottom right and top left photos above but I think they're a little big for our kitchen. Alas, a beautiful touch. 

Oh my gosh. I love these photos. Have you ever? LAH-VE IT! Alas, I'm not moving to LA for the view. I'll have to manage with the view of our landscaping/fence/neighbors, etc. What I do really identify with in these photos is the interior style, the floor to ceiling windows, and the stone floors.
Our house looks like a very flat, short, ranch from the curb, but past the interior walls, we have mid century design. 

The title for this collection of photos actually made me blush. 

The top right corner is from Rachel Zoe and Roger Berman's bedroom from the first season of Rachel Zoe project. I like watching the first season now that we live in a mid - century house. It gives me all kinds of ideas.  And naturally, her house is white...which I love.  The bottom photo has a painted stone fireplace, an element we used for our living room. The fixture next to the fireplace, yep it's also a winner.  White bedding...check. White. White. and more white.

Kelly Werstler (pictured in the bottom right photos with her sons) has the most beautiful home and an incredible sense of stylish design.  She's really an artist. Her home is pictured in the "statement office" section. While I am not using this as the basis for my home office/lady room. I do enjoy the combination of color and textures. I like white, on white, on white. So you see, this is helpful.

Mid-century pool design is of interest as we make plans to style up the indoor pool at #dwh2.
It is hard to find actual indoor pools (believe it or not) but this general style will do to inspire.

Decorating is always the fun part. Painting the interior walls, placing furniture, etc.  This is on going - as the months and seasons change. We have now been in the house long enough to start talking about some larger scale options towards renovation and some larger scale projects. But for now, talk is what we're doing.

Which will then take you to her fabulous blog : La Dolce Vita and a guest post by Small Shop Studio
Two of my favorite spots for inspiration - you must check them out!

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