Thursday, November 21, 2013

#dwh2 : Butler's Pantry

We had a "butler's pantry" in our last house and it was lovely. The built ins had been refinished and are in a crisp white finish (which I love). In the previous house the built ins were part of a whole room that was also probably supposed to be the breakfast room - it was between the kitchen and dining room. 
In #dwh2, the butler's pantry is a little hallway that connects the kitchen to the dining room and then also has a door way to the wet bar, which is it's own little space all together. 

Also, if you've read my blog before you know my style, all of these photos are what I like to refer to as "keeping it real"...hehe…no pre photo staging here.  I'm lucky if I can remember to take the photo…let alone stage it pre-renovate. So anyway, when the contractor was here a few weeks ago he worked on both the kitchen and the butler's pantry. The wallpaper came down and the whole space got a fresh coat of white paint.  

We have yet to paint the cabinets.  That's a really tough call for me.  The cabinets are custom cabinets, and yes they are what we could file under vintage, but none the less the wood is still pretty.  So painting them is not a done deal as of now. Right now I'm going to paint/renovate everything else around them and then we will see what we have. 

Now, just the other day I was flipping through Instagram and found this photo that's below. 

(Photo and design via Lance Jackson - Parker Kennedy Living - find on Instagram, it's fab.)

Talk about gorgeous! I love this.  Now, blue is probably not on the palate (like I've said 300 times I am a white paint person).  But MAN…this has me thinking.  It sure is fun to look at.  I really like the mirrored backsplash as well.  That is an excellent idea until you consider the number of other floor to ceiling mirrors we have in the house…so back to the drawing board on that one too!

None the less - way to go on this space.  The lucky key holder to this bar is in for a daily treat!

More on the butler's pantry as things continue to come together.


  1. I think the wood is beautiful. I love your idea to do everything around it, then paint lastly if you're still not happy. I'm doing the same thing with some built ins at my house...painting the backs of the bookshelves as my next step...

    Could a marble countertop be in the cards if you could find a great deal on a remnant? Then maybe a bright blue backsplash, a sheet of glass painted on the back side to give the shine and pure color. I think that would be beautiful with your whiteware...

  2. There are times I wish we could have done 'everything' before we moved in to the house - but I just don't roll that way. So I hmmm and haaa over options, what is used the most, etc. Initially I thought these cabinets would be awful and we'd have to do a total gut job - BUT - they are actually very functional and are really good sizes. So that just isn't part of the mindset anymore. Also, as we agree, they are pretty wood. I am all about the marble top idea. There is a built in in the dining room that has a 3" thick slab of white marble on it and it is REALLY pretty! This is an idea to echo through the other portions I think! Excellent call. As per the lighting (you mentioned it in the other post) it's the most mysterious part to consider towards resolution. All but 3 of the fixtures in the house are recessed squares with glass over them. So...the electrician may become our new bff. More on the's coming! And yes, it's a mess.


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