Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I promise, I do still exhist.

The past few weeks are steam rolling my person.

Geoffrey returned home from an 8 day work trip on Monday night. Goodness, do you know how long 8 days is when you've not been away from your spouse EVER like that before.  It's the worst thing ever. Fortunately, friends and activities kept me busy in addition to the mound of homework and gigs I keep accumulating. (sheesh)

My newest work addition is that of a "dj" for 91.1 WKNO Memphis and 90.1 WKNP Jackson, NPR stations for the Mid-South. This opportunity came out of nowhere and immediately it was part of my weekly schedule.  And guess what...I LOVE IT.  I never in my mind would have dreamed this to come true.  Kind of amazing. The days I'm on vary from week to week, but have been approximately 2 times per week for the past month from 12-4pm.

My homework is escalating as I can see the finish line for this degree program.  What a good thing it is too.  I'm tired of Masters degrees. My capstone project is more time consuming that I imagined it would be, and by the way we have to do 300 electronic note cards.  Yeah, that isn't fun...AT ALL!

I took the GRE yesterday.  That was maybe the worst thing ever. I haven't had a math class in over 12 years, so guess how that went?!?! Good thing I have a general sense of how to guess my way out of a timed question. (again, sheesh)

Saturday I take another section of the Praxis.  Needless to say I've paid my dues to standardized testing this month.

This week seems to be a mound, and I'm looking forward to being a human again come Saturday afternoon when it's all over. My heavens, will Saturday ever get here?

4 Things to look forward to:
1. FALL, the temperature in Memphis is finally livable which greatly aids to the construction of cute outfits.
2. Geoff and I celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary on October 1. That's hard to believe we have been together for 10 years. That time has gone by like a blink of the eye.
3. Application season.  I'm applying for more school. Can you believe it.  After I've gone and complained about homework.  I'm a gluten for punishment. 
4.  I anticipate a visit to see my parents in the near future, and I'm looking forward to it. It seems like a long time since I've seen my family.

I hope fall is treating y'all gently. What's up with y'all?

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