Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Did ya have a good day?

I found this on a blog earlier today and thought it was worthwhile to share with others. I had a really good day today and though I didn't do all of these things, I did partake in a few. Other things that contribute to my "good day"....
1. Going to school (I think all teachers should like going to school...not just going to work)
2. Learning something new everyday. (This usually happens while I'm at school.)
3. Going to school school (our household term that means I'm going to school not teaching school.) Thank the precious Lord and GOD WILLING, I'll graduate in December with Masters degree #2.
4. Making music. (Again this usually happens at school, but sometimes it happens at home or at church.)
5. Petting my kitty. That little furry animal brings me so much joy I can hardly sit still.
6. Hugging my husband.  Our 7th wedding anniversary is coming up. I wonder how many times I've hugged him in the nearly 10 years we've been together?
7. Having something tasty to eat. Let's face it, who likes cardboard food? Not me. I try to eat things that aren't God awful, but ya know...sometimes you just need to eat a cupcake. Hip, hip, hooray!
8. Do the laundry. I sure do like having clean clothes.  Sometimes this means dropping off at the laundry and sometimes doing the laundry at home.  Either way, there's nothing like fresh clothes.
9. Saying a prayer. I had a teacher once say about public schools, "As long as there are tests in school, there will always be prayer!" Maybe others have said this too. I don't work in a public school, but in a private school where prayers are said openly. Whether the prayers is said at school or at home, in the car or at church, I LOVE to say a prayer for me, you, whoever!
10. BEDTIME. I love sleeping. I know there's that terrible saying, "You can sleep when you're dead." BUT...I like to sleep now too. I always feel better after a hearty night's sleep. If I were to ask Handsome my cat, he'd say that's 18 hours. For the rest of us, isn't 8 hours just grand?

I hope you're having a good day and on the way to a fabulous first week of September!

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  1. Super cute blog! xx.


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