Saturday, June 16, 2012

O, Canada you're nearly here!

By this time next week we will be in O, Canada!

Needless to say my main man friend is a little bit excited about the voyage to his homeland.

Handsome has elected NOT to go on this trip. Or...rather...we elected for him. He has a kitty sitter while we are gone to help him nap and play in his house. We boarded him once at the nicest kitty-condo in the Mid South. We payed for that little experience for months. Lesson learned...get Handsome a 24 hour, in house kitty sitter. To Handsome it's a kitty sitter, to the rest of the world, it's a house sitter.  You see how he rolls?

And as for me...Hello. 
It's hard to pack all of the things I need to do in the next week given I'll then be gone for 3 weeks! Summer School is rolling along nicely.  I'm taking 2 classes that will be finished before we depart on Saturday morning...(meaning: GOD WILLING I get all of my homework done) I'm also teaching 2 music camps at the school I work at. Week 1 was this past week and was so much fun! I had the most precious little (Early Childhood) munchkins. Week 2 shall provide to be equally fabulous, I'm sure. This time with a bit older (Elementary) munchkins. Piano and voice lessons continue as per usual.

My motto through doing this second masters degree has been:

Sometimes it's hard to believe my own words, this week in particular.
Lots to do and all in less than a week.

I would imagine that in a year or 2 I'll look back at this time capsule and think, "YOU WERE NUTS".  It's interesting to see how a blog will serve as a reminder as time and personalities change. 

ON with this particularly shady Saturday, and the mountain of homework that is piled next to me.

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