Sunday, May 13, 2012


 Philadephia in 1985.
About the time my brother was diagnosed with Autism. 

 Mom and Dad after their wedding in May of 1968

Mom, Thanksgiving weekend 2011

I think we all have classic stories about how wonderful our mothers are.
They've raised us, picked us up, pulled us along, propped us up, and sometimes even had to sit us down. (And for some mothers more than others!) But, none the less a Mother's work is never done.  My mother is still my Mom even from a long distance away, I know she hates it but we make it work. She's had to learn how to text if she wants to hear from me, even though I'm sure that's not her favorite mode of communication. We have made the US Postal Service and FedEx part of our relationship to carry things back and forth. The emails fly, and while it's tough living away from Mom, sometimes I feel as though she's just blocks away.
Thank heavens we live apart in 2012 and not 1912.
If you live away from your Mom today, call her! And don't forget to say,
Happy Mother's Day!
For my Mother...
Happy Mother's Day, Dr. Mirah Dow
...or as I call her Mom. 

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