Monday, April 2, 2012

unexpected FREE find

Today I was making a trip to Sonic for a tasty happy hour slush when I saw the greatest curb find ever!
I thought it must be some kind of mistake and surely these chairs had been put towards the curb waiting for pick up. Sure enough they were practically in the street! I drove past thinking it was to good to be true, then about 15 minutes later drove back by and they were still there.  So I pulled a "U", and rolled up to the curb and stopped.  I looked around to see if anybody was going to appear and tell me they weren't free for the taking.  I even saw a neighbor outside and yelped, "ARE THESE FREE"....they replied "Yes". So, in the car they went and away I drove.

What am I going to do with them you ask? Answer: I have no idea. They will probably get some paint and a new seat cover. I may even put them on Craigslist. Right now, I'm so excited to have found them, I'm unsure of their future. Great day, huh?

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