Saturday, August 22, 2015


SO. I now live in New York City and am gainfully employed by Uncommon Charter Schools in Brooklyn. This process is more than a 1 post pony. But here's the most pertinent portion of the information. I also have a new place to hang my hat. And let's be honest. That's the biggest question anyone has had..."OH MY GOODNESS WHERE WILL YOU LIVE..." So let's ease those anxieties first. 

So, I give apartment! Photos from apartment listing.

 Living Room (first view)
Living Room (second view)
 Bedroom (first view)
 Bedroom (second view)
2nd "bedroom" (which will either be an office/ "lady room")

 Bathroom (which is approximately 2 times the size of my Memphis
bathroom and oddly enough the same color tile, a rosey mauve situation)
The kitchen. Which is all new. But needs some love.
I looked at tons of apartments through Craigslist and through StreetEasy and was generally searching my location, first and foremost. Then I was looking at apartment size.  After downsizing from 5000 sq. ft. and an indoor saltwater pool and hot pool...this was obviously a little difficult. But I did find several that I really liked and ultimately ended up with this one because I really liked the broker. She was so good to me and very caring disposition given I was moving here very quickly, and when I did ultimately move here, I was moving with 3 suitcases and an aerobed. So, yes, having a good broker is a very important entity.
In approximately 2 weeks, I will have a truck full of furniture arrive from Memphis, and yes I am looking forward to that. Until, the aerobed and my 2 newly purchased air conditioner units (that's a blog post to come and yes it is terribly "funny") are kicking it NYC style.
School starts on Tuesday and I am so excited to get busy with my new students. 

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