Friday, January 3, 2014

#dwh2 : Wetbar

Over the holiday break, 2 more portions of our house received attention.  One of which, the wet bar.
When we were looking for a new house, a bar was actually on my "wishlist"...kind of strange yes I know. But alas, I thought it would be a fun thing to have in a house.

We have a lot of wood paneling in our house and because it is so dark we decided to paint some of it. 
The wet bar and entry were the first to get paint.

 bar before 

And drum roll to the before/after combined photo............tica tica tica tica - CHING!


It took a few day to let the paint cure. It took several coats of paint to cover the dark wood paneling. And with white, we wanted it to be smooth.  There were lots of holes to fill before, sanding, priming, painting, fill holes, more paint. It was quite the process.

So after the paint cured - the bar received some decoration. The first chapter of decor is now displayed.  This will be a fun place to decorate as the seasons change.  I think the space needs some artwork perhaps on the other walls...Time shall tell.

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