Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Christmas Holiday 2011

I haven't posted for a long time.  So long that I actually forgot my password.  That's an indication that it was to long, right there.  I didn't need a date to tell me when my last post was...just that simple neglect and ability to forget.

 You remember me, right?

I've been cheating on blogger with instagram, pinterest, and twitter. Quite frankly my attention span has somehow become shorter and instagram what with the picture and 1 sentence post is all I'm able to pay attention to.  Again, pathetic I know.

But as time has gone by, I realized that I missed Christmas.  You must think I'm a Grinch or something.

As per my regular blogging ways, here are a few photos to guide you through the happenings of our
visit to Kansas.

 Christmas Eve Dinner in Memphis

 Geoffrey and I after Christmas Eve Services for 2011 were over!!!!

 On Boxing Day, we headed to Kansas.
Handsome was not exactly "thrilled" but he got over it. 
He HATES riding in the car for the first 20  minutes, then he's fine. 

 I read my new Design Sponge book the entire way through Arkansas. 

 ....and held hands with my husband. 

 The drive looks like this a lot of the time while 
driving through northern Oklahoma. 

 We finally reached my parent's home in Eureka, Kansas. 
Pulling up in this driveway always makes me happy. 

 This is my Dad.  
I'm giving him a special shout out...
he's a super cool guy. 

 Looking down the hallway at Mom and Dad's house.
We didn't put up any Christmas decor at our house, 
so I was happy to see it in full force during our visit.

 When I was younger I wouldn't have cared much about 
the wine glasses on the table, but now at 
my current age (ahem), they are oh so delightful.

 Mother always finds the best home decor accessories. 
It has become impossible to take things out of her house
and bring them back to Memphis. The jig is up, 

 Geoff and Dad reading new cookbooks.
The library of cookbooks is quite extensive...
This is a good thing because the food options are endless. 

 If it's not in this does not exist. 

 I'm sure my Mother is going to LOVE this photo.
But none the less, it's pretty and the rolls were good!
 One of the holiday traditions between my Mom and I 
is that we have a "matchy-matchy".  This year for Christmas
one of them was our Kate Spade Bow Rings. 

 While in Eureka, we went to Wichita for a day trip.
Something we did nearly every weekend when I was growing up.

 My Mother wears lovely shoes. 
An interest and love I have inherited. 
 Dinner "out" in Wichita.  
Mom and Geoff were scoping the seating 
options like a couple of hawks. 
Which makes sense, they were hungry!

 Mother and Dad have a couple of really 
lovely porches at their house.
This is one of them upstairs. 
We spent some time in here our last day in Eureka. 

 Oh yes, and Handsome. 
While we were in Kansas he did not waist not nor want not. 
He drank his water at bedside on a silver platter. 

...and then attempted to drive the car home to Memphis.

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