Tuesday, May 23, 2017

May Things 2017

This has been a funny month.  Last year, the school I worked for in NYC didn't finish school until June 26. This year, the university I work for was finished by approximately May 12 and graduation was on Mother's Day.  The academic calendar is a funny thing.

1. Harris is fabulous.  We went to Dallas this past week and he made his 5th round trip flight (14th take off and landing) and spent his 13th night in a hotel.  He's doing good and is quite the sturdy little traveler.  He's set foot in over 12 states and flown over another (about) 5 more. Next week, we add to the pile with another trip to Kansas.

Life on our little mountain is quiet right now - students are gone and our population has gone from 1800 students + 1300 citizens to basically just the 1300 citizens. Summer school and the Sewanee Summer Music Festival start after Memorial Day, I will gladly welcome the extra foot traffic back to the mountain!

Until then...Off to the Land of Oz. 

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